General Terms and Conditions

The following General Terms and Conditions shall apply for all agreements between ASB Internship Solutions Ltd. (in the following referred to as “ASB”) and the intern.

1. Subject of the Contract 

Subject of the contract is the confirmation of internships and/or placement through ASB. The contract of internship shall be concluded between the intern and the company offering the internship.

2. Registration

By returning the completed registration form on the intern/the institute authorizes ASB to find him/her an internship. The intern shall declare his/her consent to the General Terms and Conditions on the registration form. Without the intern's consent to the General Terms and Conditions the registration form cannot be processed.

ASB has the right to reject the application. On legal grounds ASB is not entitled to arrange placements for vocational training.

3. Personal Prerequisites 

ASB shall only agree to find an internship when, at the date of registration, the following personal prerequisites of the intern are met: 

- full command of the English language, written and spoken (conversation level),   

- minimum age of 18 years and 

- for non-EU citizens: presentation of a valid residence and work permit for the country in which the internship will be completed. 

4. Placement Procedure 

On its homepage ASB shall provide anonymised information on potential internships for the intern. The intern shall inform ASB of any possible placements which he/she is interested in by quoting the stated reference number. ASB shall then contact the potential company to make an enquiry about a possible internship of the intern. ASB shall transmit the documents and data of the intern as well as his/her CV to the relevant company. The intern is obliged to give accurate and complete information and to present the necessary documents (CV, certificates etc.). 

ASB shall then inform the intern which companies showed interest in his/her application. ASB shall not guarantee to find the intern a specific or suitable internship. 

The intern has to decide with binding force in favour of an internship within one week.  ASB has to be informed about the decision in writing. The written confirmation can also be sent via e-mail or fax. 

If either the company or the intern express their wish to have an interview, ASB shall assist in finding a suitable date. In general, job interviews are held on the phone. If one of the parties wishes to hold a face-to-face interview, ASB shall also discuss who is going to pay the intern’s travel expenses. ASB shall not incur any expenses. Should the company wish to hold an interview, the intern shall inform ASB if he/she wishes to do so within one week. 

The contract of internship shall be concluded between the intern and the company. ASB shall not be party to the contract of internship. 

5. Fees 

For the confirmation of an internship or placement the intern has to pay ASB a fee of € 590 (five hundred ninety).  The claim for payment of the fee only arises when the intern as well as the company have accepted and confirmed the placement in writing or when the intern starts an internship arranged by ASB within 6 months following the date of confirmation.

The intern shall receive an invoice for the amount due. The fee has to be paid within 7 days after invoicing. A deposit is not required. 

6. Duration and Termination of Contract   

Both parties to the contract are entitled to terminate the contract at any time until an offered internship will be confirmed. In that case no fee shall be charged, unless the intern will start an internship within six months after the date the internship was offered to him/her. Termination of the contract shall be declared in writing. The written confirmation can also be sent via e-mail or letter. The termination of the contract shall take effect upon receipt of the document and its’ confirmation through ASB. 

The contract shall terminate within six months after the initial registration without the requirement of further notice if the intern does not confirm an offered internship within this period.   

7. Procedure of Internship 

ASB shall only find a work placement for the intern. The internship shall exclusively be accomplished by the intern and the company. 

The intern shall inform ASB within an appropriate time limit of two weeks after the start of internship if he/she is not content with the placement. In that case ASB shall try to settle any possible problems between the intern and the company. Should a joint solution not be feasible, ASB shall try to find an adequate internship with another company. 

If ASB does not succeed in finding a new placement after a joint solution failed within two weeks, the intern has the right to refrain from the contract with ASB. In that case the fee of € 590 less a handling charge of € 85 shall be reimbursed. The intern is obliged to separately terminate the contract of internship by declaration to the company. 

ASB recommends to effect a travel cancellation insurance in case the intern is unable to start the internship caused by illness. 

ASB recommends to provide for sufficient insurance protection such as third party liability, accident and health insurance while staying abroad. ASB points out that there is no contractual or legal liability for possible damages, which the intern may sustain during the internship. 

8. Remuneration 

It depends upon the arrangements made between the intern and the respective company if the intern receives remuneration from the company. ASB has no obligation to pay any remuneration.

9. Leaving Certificate 

Upon completion of the internship, the intern may contact ASB to request a certificate of having successfully completed the internship which he/she will receive from the company. It is within the intern's responsibility to request a certificate or letter of reference by the company.  

10. Liability

In accordance with legal requirements ASB shall be held liable as far as the intern asserts his/her claim for damages which shall be limited to cases of willful intent or gross negligence, including those of ASB and those of representatives or auxiliary persons of ASB. As far as ASB cannot be accused of any intentional breach of contract, liability is in such cases limited to typical foreseeable-occurring damages.  

Subject to legal regulations ASB shall furthermore be held liable if ASB intentionally violates an essential contractual obligation; in that case liability is limited to typical foreseeable-occurring damages.

ASB’s liability for damage of life, body or health shall remain unaffected; this shall also apply for mandatory liability subject to the Product Liability Act. 

Unless otherwise stipulated, ASB’s liability shall be excluded irrespective of the legal nature of the claim enforced. 

11. Consent for Data Processing

The intern gives his/her consent that ASB may process data which can be gathered from the application documents or performance of the contract and transfer the data to any possible companies. The consent shall be applicable irrespective of the conclusion of the contract of internship.

12. Final Clause  

The contract is subject to German law, to the exclusion of the United Nations Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods.

If the intern’s place of residence is not in the European Union or the intern changes his/her place of residence to live outside the European Union, then for all legal disputes arising from the contract court of jurisdiction is Frankfurt am Main, Germany.

The intern has the right to revoke the registration in writing (e.g. letter, e-mail) within two weeks without giving any grounds.  The period starts upon receipt of this instruction but not before the conclusion of contract. The revocation period shall be deemed observed if the revocation is sent in due time.  Please send your revocation to: ASB Internship Solutions Ltd., 33 Hanger Lane, London W5 3HJ, UK, phone +44 (0) 20 8740 3165, e-mail:  

If revocation is effected, both parties have to restore what has been received in performance of the contract and return emoluments taken, if applicable, (e.g. interests). If the intern is not able to return what has been received, in whole or in part, compensation for lost value has to be paid in this respect. Obligations to reimburse payments have to be paid within 30 days. The period for the intern starts when dispatching the notice of revocation, for ASB when receiving the same.  

In the case of providing services the intern’s right to revoke shall prematurely expire, if ASB has started the service with the intern’s expressed consent before the end of the revocation period or if the intern himself initiated it. 

 Date: October, 2015

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