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Tourism Internship: London is the place to be


A tourism internship is as versatile as one can imagine. Be it travel planning or counseling for groups or individuals, an insight into the hotel business or flight attendant- all these professions are part of the tourism industry and thus, also a part of a top- selling and future- orientated market. Especially apprenticeships like travel agents or in the broad department of the hotel business have always been very popular. Gaining work experience and digging deeper into different sections are a good opportunity to specify your field of interest. To underline the internationality of your experiences, a work placement abroad would be the perfect solution. London, as the British capital, is a huge tourism magnet.

Hence, the intention to complete your tourism internship can only be supported.  And why should you not combine work and pleasure?  During your stay you are going to learn a lot about this exciting metropolis. You will gain an insight into London’s past, present and future. The team of Praktikum in London offers a wide range of diverse internship positions within the tourism industry. You can inform yourself here which work experiences are up to date and apply yourself right away for your favorite position. In this way, you can assure yourself that London is a very exciting place, not only as tourist, but also as a resident.



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