Real Estate internship

Real Estate internship


The world is changing rapidly. And so are the huge cities of the world. Old buildings are getting demolished every day and new ones built. The space to build new houses is rare and the rents are increasing. All of this sounds familiar to you. That’s the world we live in. To find a place to stay can be a tough challenge in a mega polis like London. Therefore a lot of real estate agencies are popping up.

The provision of housing is getting one of the highly interesting and necessary industries. You can be part of it during a real estate internship. As an intern in this sector you can learn a lot about letting and selling of houses and flats. Gain experiences what it means to find housing in the great city of London as a real estate intern. Be part of the team if families decide to make life changes and move to a new home. Train your communication and language skills during show arounds and customer contact. Enhance your sales talent and apply your knowledge to your new position as a real estate intern.



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