psychology internship

Internship in psychology: an insight into the human mind


That psychology is nowadays one of the most popular subject of study within Germany is quite obvious. That one has to cope with a lot of obstacles during the years of studying is sometimes not as clear for many first year students.

Psychology is one of the most interesting areas of research, but it also demands a great deal of the students. The human mind is highly complicated and thus, there are many subcategories in the field of psychology. So the question is: how to decide for one of these categories? To become a psychologist might be the most obvious of choices, but even here you have to decide for one out of a number of interesting areas.

To make the right choice a psychology internship is indispensable as this is the only way to find out which field is the most interesting for you as an individual. If you are very unsure about your decisions, sometimes it even helps to do more than one internship. Different internships in various fields are necessary to finally find your area of interest. Do you prefer to work with children or would you rather like to join the research area? An internship in these fields is always the perfect way to find out your preferences. 

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