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Media internship: more than just TV


Many young adults today state that their career goal has ‘something to do with the media’. But what exactly does this dictum mean? To explore it in more depth, a media internship would be the perfect opportunity. If you are lucky enough you might as well have the possibility to gain an insight into more than one department. This enables you to get a deep and more precise understanding of the world of media. Whoever thinks that media still only consists of TV or radio is wrong.

Thanks to the world wide web, the media industry is very versatile. It ranges from apprenticeships in the field of marketing, communications design or web designer to university degrees (Bachelor and Master) like online media, media computer science or interactive animation.

Hereby, the role of the internet becomes increasingly important as well as internationality, which has become even more interesting for big companies. Thus, it is strongly recommended to complete the media internship abroad. Here you find internship offers in London for instance. Even if you are already studying in the field of media you are able to highlight your application with work experiences in a foreign country. Further, you will gain precious personal experiences, which are important for your personal development. As the media industry keeps on changing all the time it is important to not lose the overview and be up to date constantly. An internship – especially during or shortly after studying-  is a very popular method to gain first insights into the world of media. 

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