Legal Internship

Legal internship

You are currently studying and can’t stand it anymore. What about a time out during a legal internship in London. The highly interesting and multicultural city offers a million opportunities! The internationality of the city with all the different companies offers you the perfect place to apply your knowledge to the real world. You are willing to work for legal departments of companies and interested in international law. You want to enhance your language and social skills.

Than London is the perfect pick for you. You might not be able to apply the law you learned in your country but isn’t it all about transfer. To see how other countries and international companies work within the law of different countries and which is applicable.  You need a break of just theoretical studies and want to gain new skills and experiences than you should apply now. Be part of this big city and learn what it means to work and live in London.

During your legal internship you will be part of the multicultural city of London. You’ll make great experiences and gain new skills!

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