IT internship

Internship in the IT Area: nerds turn into globetrotter


IT is the abbreviation for Information Technology and is a very well prejudiced industry. IT people are often called “nerds” who are not able to communicate outside their little artificial computer world. But, where would we be without IT? Almost nobody thinks about how important technology has nowadays become. Further, the jobs within the IT industry are often very flexible as you would only need a computer and a good internet connection. Both are most possible available almost everywhere (some exceptions granted). Why not orientate in a career within a solid future- orientated industry?

An IT internship would be a perfect start. Here, you could have an insight into the world of computers and convince yourself that IT people are pretty normal people ;). And who does not dream of earning money while traveling?

By choosing IT as your career path this would theoretically be possible. But first things first, how does an internship abroad sound? Due to the considerable economy and finance centers in London, the city gives ideal opportunities for an internship in the IT sector. Furthermore, you would learn a lot about international relations and the British culture. A typical win-win situation.



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