Finance internship

Finance Internship


You are searching for an internship in the field of finance but have no clue where and how to find one? We are your best choice!

You will be placed in one of the highly interesting cities in the world – London! It has ever since been the leading financial centre of Europe. Therefore London offers young people the perfect environment to gain experience and enhance their skills. It is the major city for leading and investment and plays a big role in the development of financial products and well known for its internationality. This makes London to the most recommendable place for your finance internship.

Furthermore its remarkable good location between the American and Asian time zone gives you all the opportunities to work international. London not only sets European financial standards but is also one of the biggest financial centres worldwide. Due to the high standard employers expect their staff to have previous work experiences and professional English.

London has much more to offer than just a perfect finance internship!For the real British experience you should visit pubs and go for a couple of after work drinks as it is usual in the UK. Besides all the sightseeing and touristic attraction London shows you how to find the perfect balance between high city life and beautiful relaxing spots. The multicultural city gives you all the opportunities to explore its different boroughs and their individual highlights.

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