Fashion Internship

Fashion internship – from trendy hipster to haute couture in the fashion metropolis London


Are you passionate about a fashion internship?

You are studying fashion design at an University? You are interested in the latest fashion? Moreover you would love to do an internship in the fashion metropolis London?

Than a fashion internship is a perfect opportunity for you to get some work experience in this field. Rising from the ashes of a waning industry as the diamond in the rough of couture fashion. In London you will gain from its melting pot of different cultures and styles during your fashion internship. From trendy hipster street style to luxury haute couture you could find a bunch of different fashion internship prospects in London. Moreover in London takes one of the four biggest fashion weeks place. Get inspired from that clothing trade show, that is held in London twice a year.

This is a great opportunity for someone, who is interested in a fashion internship, to join a design team in London, that identifies the hottest emerging trends and translating these into collections for their customers. During your fashion internship you could support the teams from putting together colour palettes, analyse catwalks, help designers prepare strategies and sign off meetings, sending out and chasing in samples and generally ensuring the day to day running of the team for example. As you can imagine a fashion internship is a very multivarious one. You could apply your abilities, you gained from University, in one of our fashion internships.

Take the chance and be part of a vibrant design team while doing a fashion internship in the city of fashion and lifestyle, London. We offer many different internships in several departments in London.

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