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Event-Management Internship – Creative, inspiring internship in the metropolis London


You are very talented in organisation? You are interested in the background of Events like what is going on behind the scene? You are studying or interested in an event management course of studies and you would like gain some work experience abroad? Than an event management internship is the right choice for you. Organise fairs, conferences, big sport events, tours from bands, or exhibitions in and around London. With an event management internship you get many insights of the event industry and you can be part of it while assisting the event team with organisational things and preparations.

The event industry is an ever-growing sector. Events are among the most important communicative devices companies have to communicate with their already acquired customers but also with future ones. This industry will succeed in the future, so there are always people in great demand, who are motivated to work in this sector and come up with creative new ideas. Furthermore an event management internship is way more than just a normal internship with routine daily tasks as every event and every customer is different.

Moreover you have to have one's finger on the pulse of the time and spot new trends before all others. Therefor London is a great opportunity as this city is one step ahead. With an event management internship you will face varied tasks and challenges to manage.  Furthermore in London there are many things to do and discover, though time flies away so fast and it will never get boring. You just gain from an event management internship in London more than only work experience. Be part of fast growing industry and put in an application for one of our event management internships.

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