engineer internship

Internship as Engineer: research, development, modification


If you have ever dealt with the job profile of an engineer you know that it is very divers and by no means tedious.  The job title ‘engineer’ covers for instance not only manufacturing systems engineering, environmental studies or civil engineering, but industrial engineering and electrical engineering are also very popular training qualification and university degrees. Well educated engineers are very valuable for every company as they often have to optimize various processes and in the end these optimizations are to the financial benefit of the company.

The easiest way to find out whether becoming an engineer might be the right choice for you, is an internship. To find the perfect internship you should already have a rough idea in your mind which closer field might be the most interesting for you. As soon as you defined this for yourself, you can start to apply for your engineer internship. And if you are lucky and fortunate it can already be the starting point of your future career. A lot of companies favour to employ former interns as they have already shown their proficiency and the company knows what to expect and thus, can save time and money as the candidate would not need a long phase of familiarisation. 

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