architect internship

Internship as architect


Architects often see the world from a different angle. For them the cityscape is like a big playground where changes take place permanently. If these changes are positive or negative for the surrounding is a good question, in any case, architects will have an opinion on it. If you are interested in historic buildings, arts and culture as well as general developments, then an an architecture internship might be the right choice for you.

Are you in the middle of your studies or do you want to gain a first insight into the field of architecture? In both cases, work experience is the right method to find out what you really want to to for a living. The architecture internship can be quite contrasting. The differences between a small company and a big enterprise are already pretty huge and could determine your career choice. In a big enterprise you are likely to deal with bigger projects, which could be very interesting, but in a smaller company your tasks might be more responsible as the atmospheres are often more familiar. 

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