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Student Internship- Work experience is not only for students


The richness of possibilities for young adults regarding their future is so big today that many simply lose the overview. Academic studies or apprenticeship, a gab year to travel or to do voluntary work? Where to go after school and which direction is the right one? To find out your very own perspective, work experience cannot start early enough.

Even if the possibilities might be restricted simply to the fact that you do not have a focus on a special field and thus, are not an expert yet, there are nevertheless great opportunities to experience your dream job.  A student internship could be the first step towards your dream job, but it can also help to figure out what you do not want for your future. In any case it is a great opportunity to get to know the working environment.

This you should not postpone until you start to study.  Therefore, it has become obligatory to complete an internship while stil at school to gain first little experiences which can be added to your CV. By giving this alternative, schools support the practical experience and individual development of the pupil. This might be perhaps more helpful to comprehend the world a little than the next analysis of Goethe, Schiller and Co.

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