Paid internship – a perfect option abroad


Nowadays, for many companies a university degree is as important as work experience. Thus, for many young professionals the only option is to find a suitable internship. Even if you might learn more during your internship than during your studies with all the theoretical background, there is often one obstacle to overcome: the payment.

Due to the new regulation regarding minimum wage in Germany, it becomes increasingly problematic for short- term candidates who do want to complete an internship outside university. They are often inferior as- according to the law- they need to be paid the minimum wage. Students whose internship is part of their studies do not need to get paid and thus, they are obviously preferred as they do not cost the company a single penny. These differences are a good topic for arguments- be it in politics or at the cafeteria’s table. A paid internship is not only a good method to reward the student’s work within the company, sometimes it is the only opportunity for some students to gain work experiences.

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