London Zones

London and its zones- how to get around

Public transport in London is quite difficult… Driving on the left makes it quite complicated for the common  European citizen to arrive on the island with the own car and taxis are usually unaffordable. Hence, the only possibility left is the Tube. Here you have the zones which might become an obstacle while being in London for the first time. But it seems harder as it really is. As it is always the zone that decides on the type of ticket you would need to get around in this vibrant metropolis.

Generally speaking: London is divided into 6 zones, while zone 1 is the core of the city. The further away you get from zone 1 the more expensive it gets.

There are two types of tickets: the Travelcard or the Visitor Oyster Card.


The Travelcard is a paper ticket, which you can throw away after using it. It is the best option for a day trip. They are available for all zones.


As soon as you are staying in London for more than two days, the Oystercard is the best deal. The Oystercard is a plastic card that works with the pay as you go principle. Fairly easy you can top it up at every station all around the city.

Have fun in London! 

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