London- A city where dreams come true

City of dreams, experiences and never ending possibilities. The perfect mixture of various cultures and life styles. From upper class to street style, from far east to the more conservative west. Nothing is impossible. London is one of the most multi- facetted cities in Europe.

Next to Big Ben, Piccadilly Circus and Tower Bridge there is so much more to experience. Things who you might miss while being on a city trip, can be experiences way better while staying in London for a longer period. Therefore, what might be more interesting than to complete an internship, a language course or your studies here? London’s boroughs from east to west and from north to south can offer you everything. Be it over or underneath the Thames. Next to numerous vibrant street food, daily or weekend markets London also offers beautiful, calmer areas. Among those are various parks as well as beautifully designed neighbourhoods. Every borough has its own attitude and it is worth a look to the zones 1- 4 and even further. 

What is more exciting then to live in a city where the opportunities seem to be never ending?  If the big city should become too much for you, the South- or West coast of England are not far away. Within a short travel, you are able to relax from the buzz of the city. London and its surrounding are perfect destinations to spend time and to gain experiences abroad. Take your time and breath in life! Every weekend there are festivities in various parts of London and live music can be found every day in the numerous pubs, parks or bars of the city.  

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