Living in London

Living the London life!

Many Germans dream about leaving their home country behind and explore the rest of the world. Especially young people are looking for new challenges and opportunities to discover. Be it as nanny, during work and travel or while doing an internship (apply here). One of the most favorite destinations might be London. But you should be aware of some things, before starting your life in the British metropolis. Living in London holds ready some pitfalls.


The housing situation in London is generally very difficult and you should not expect German standards here. Due to the high rents, the life of people of average wages moves more and more to the outer zone, while they commute to zone 1 and 2 for work. Hence, it might make sense to first have a look at an interim solution while still being in Germany. Afterwards, when already staying in London, one can start to have a look for the perfect accommodation.


It is very well known, that living in London is quite expensive. Adding up to it, is that you have to be aware of the conversion into pound. Everybody who is new to the island should therefore learn to not convert the prices into Euro. You cannot compare them! Instead, try to get yourself into the British pound and to economize (e.g. Meal Deal, Happy Hour, Daily7 Weekly Cut...).


All together, you can surely compare the life in London to the life in Germany. Nevertheless, there are some little differences. A good example is the curfew, which might come in quite surprising for Germans. The journeys in London are quite far and thus, most people go out immediately after work. Furthermore, most pubs close due to high cost of the "late license" around 11 or midnight. This might be confusing for the Germans. Of course, you will find locations which have longer opening hours You can have a look at the closing hours, here are some suggestions.

Another cultural difference between Germans and the English is the politeness of the later. While in Germany most people expect an apology when you barge into somebody on the train, in England it is quite common that both parties start to apologize immediately.

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