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Einfach mal das Studium genießen mit online Generatoren und Lektorat/Korrektur der wissenschaftlichen Arbeiten!

Agency to find different accommodations in London.

 "Germanic London" organizes events for the German community in London! Join us!

Richmond Practice
German Doctors in London 

Tel: 020 8940 5009

Helpful tips for the live in London. 

Network for german students with useful tips for your internship aboard.

Portal for internships, mini jobs or holiday jobs in Vienna!

 Platform with tips for a successful application and career management.

"Deutsche Bildung" offers two different ways for supporting your studies. 

Useful information of flights, accommodation, sightseeing...

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German Deli offers a diversity of German delicate food. 

Rechtsschutz-info24 offers different legal expenses insurance.

Offers different accident insurance. 

Useful information about internships aboard.

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