Internship Placement

1. Firstly, take a look at our homepage and pick out the internship places which sparks a particular interest to you.

2. For your application, we need your CV and Cover Letter in English in our templates only.

3. Once we have received your CV, we will get in touch with the companies which you have chosen from the webpage.

4. When one or more companies show an interest in you, we will arrange for an initial telephone interview, where all your questions will be cleared up, and you can get to know each other.


We will not only be there to help you before your internship begins but throughout your placement. Our office is directly in London and during your stay in we are here o answer any questions you may have.

As well as that, we organise a monthly "Get together" where you have the chance to meet other interns and exchange your experiences.

If you write us an E-Mail, we will send you an answer on the same working day.

accommodation arrangement

1. send us an inquiry with the following information:

- in what area should the acumination be?

- what is your budget?

- what kind of accommodation do you prefer?

2. We'll send you more information about our accommodations and forward your inquiry to our partner agency.

This Service is free!


booking a language course

1. Send us witch course you want to join. Please inform us also, how long you want to join the course. (Courses start every Monday)

2. We'll send you a link with an Online-Test, where you can see, if you chose the right course.

Job placement

1. Look at our Job descriptions and inform us, for what job you want to apply. Tell us also your wishes and expectations.

2. Send us your CV and CL in our template.

3. If the company is interested, we will arrange an interview, where all your questions will be cleared up and you can get to know each other.


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