Jobs in London


If there is one thing that you must do; is visit the world that is directly on your doorstep!

Moving abroad, experience living in another country, meeting new people and broadening your horizons - this is a dream that many dreams of, but sadly only a few of them manage to put that dream into practice.

Great Britain and especially England, London is one of the most popular travel destinations for its multicultural mixture of people, for the new experiences, learning English and living in the 'big city.'

Of course, it is not the easiest decision to get up and move to a new place, especially England, but all is possible! And this is where we are here to help so that a job would be a perfect start to your big move! 

National Insurance Number

After you have your job and accommodation sorted, the next step would be to get your National Insurance (NI);  is a requirement to be able to work legally within the UK and will allow you to pay your taxes.
To obtain your NI and have moved to the UK you will have to contact the Jobcentre Plus Hotline >

Once you have applied, you will go for an interview with the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) and then be advised on to how long you will have to wait for your NI.

After you have received your NI, you will be ready to start working and engaging in the British way of life!

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