Jobs in London


Moving abroad, meeting new people, experience living in another country and broaden your horizon - this is what many young people dream of. But only a few of them really manage to put that dream into practice. Great Britain and especially England often is the first choice.

Most students learn English at school so there won't be any language barriers as in France or Spain for example. So it is standing to reason to start working in England for a while to gain some extra experiences. Of course it is not that easy - to start working in England you need to do some preparations. First of all, it would be helpful to have a job before moving to the UK.

National Insurance Number

After you have your job and an accommodation there is one more thing you really need for working in England: a National Insurance Number. This is a necessary requirement your employer needs to register you and you’ll be able to pay taxes. To get this number you would have to call the jobcentre plus hotline (Link). They will probably ask you a few questions and should also give you an 

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