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Sustainable Tourism - Summer Course auf Bali

Bali, Indonesia is one of the most populated tourist destination, all year round, with its natural scenes, stunning beaches, exotic food and culture. It is now finding itself in a challenging position, where they have to rely on the tourist development to help the island grow economically but also at the same time threating its natural habitats, marine life and its unique culture.

We have partnered with Udayana University, to provide this 4-week summer course that will help you to understand the impact of tourism in Bali as well as seeing the steps towards sustainable tourism and ecotourism. The course includes a variety of field trips within Indonesia that will help you gain an insight into the efforts to reduce the negative impacts and preservation of Bali's main tourist attractions, its nature and cultural practices.

Course costs: €2450

What's included:

  • UNUD tuition fee
  • Travel preparation (visa assistance, pre-arrival guide)
  • 1-day introduction to culture & customs, safety, campus life
  • Professional lecturers and supervision
  • Various field trips to Kokokan Village, Botanical Garden, the Mangroves in Benoa, green hotels etc.
  • Accommodation during the whole summer course incl. breakfast
  • Some meals
  • Welcome and farewell dinner
  • Support for the local community
  • Local emergency contact person

If you are interested in the summer course, please send us an email: pr(at)

Within this summer course, you can achieve up to 8 ECTS credit points, awarded by the Udayana University in Bali.

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