We offer you fully equipped and centrally located international flat sharesstudent accommodations or host families for a minimum of two weeks until the end of your stay in London.

This service is FREE!

The advantages:

  • You will have a contact person in London
  • You will always get reliable recommendations
  • You will save precious time
  • You will always get fair prices
  • You will have the opportunity to take part in monthly events

Host Family

Host families are the cheapest option for your stay in London, with weekly prices starting from £140 per person for a twin room. 

Just like a potential new employee, our host families have to go through an assessment process. To make sure that the family is suitable for housing a guest in their home. Household members will be screened for previous legal offences and the rooms offered, and the property itself will be assessed as well. Our partners frequently visit the families and homes in-person to ensure continually providing quality housing. 

Price: from £140 per week

Flat Sharing

We offer single and twin rooms in spacious houses. Most of the flatshares have a common living area and fully equipped kitchens. Bathroom and toilet are shared with the other tenants. 

The apartments and houses are mainly in Zone 2-4 and are very well connected to public transport. 

Size and furniture vary from room to room and according to pricing. However, each room will feature a basic configuration of at least: A bed, a wardrobe/wardrobe with dresser and a table or desk with a chair. 

Price: from £140 per week

Student Accommodation

As a student, you have the opportunity to live with 5-6 others in an apartment. Everyone has their room, while kitchen, living room and bathroom are shared. Also, many student residences offer one-bedroom apartments, with private bath and kitchen. 

Due to recent changes in booking policies of British student residences, please be aware that the minimum stay requirement has been raised significantly. You will have to book your flat or room for at least 42 or 51 weeks, respectively. Therefore, student residences might not be advisable for short-term stays. 

Price: from £180 per week

Our Promise of Quality

Each property is frequently assessed - particularly with regard to the room to be let, bathrooms and kitchens. In case of bona fide dissatisfaction or other factors leading to unacceptable housing conditions, a substitute housing facility can be provided without additional cost.

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