About Us


ASB Internship Solutions Ltd was founded in 2005 and incorporated in May 2009, which is supported by the German-British Chamber of Commerce, the Swiss-British Chamber of Commerce as well as the Euro College in London. 

With our end-user website; www.praktikum-in-london.de, which is continuously updating and offering interns the opportunity to find a work placement/ internship in London, Great Britain and even within other locations around the world. We are predominately a placement agency for German-speaking interns wanting to gain work experience abroad but of course everyone is welcomed! Internships are often a compulsory part of the educational programmes in German-speaking countries and offer a fantastic opportunity for companies and students alike. The internship programmes usually last between 2 - 6 months, but can also be for a shorter or longer period if required.  


Our Policy:

Our goal is to bring different cultures together, being able to provide fantastic worldwide opportunities, standing as the intercultural negotiator being the companies and the interns. 

As the world becomes increasingly computerized and interconnected, it is now common for young people to work abroad and for companies to have foreign suppliers or customers, making it an essential in order of gaining international experience as early as possible.


Our customers:

We have two types of clients:

1. Interns who have or want to do an internship in London/GB as part of their training or studies, interns who are interested in gaining foreign work experience; being able to improve their language skills or broaden their horizons.

2. Training institutions, colleges and universities.


Our Head office, based in London remains as a back-up for our partnered companies and our interns, any problems arise. We are available at any time during regular office hours (9 am – 6 pm) and we will do our best to find a solution.



ASB Internship Solutions Ltd. - Praktikum in London
33 Hanger Lane, London W5 3HJ, United Kingdom

+44 (0) 20 8740 3165