Which benefits do I get for the €590 placement fee?

Your package includes the following:

  • A ticket to the London Sightseeing Tour with the "Big Bus Company"
  • A surprise package on your first day at work
  • Support to find the right accommodation
  • On-site support
  • Monthly intern get-togethers and events

Is the company offering the internship checked in advance?

Yes. As a placement agency, we are in permanent and direct contact with the companies and get constant feedback concerning the interns’ satisfaction. Furthermore, we visit the companies in person in order to get a good overview of the work conditions and the work environment.

Are the internships paid?

Generally internships in Great Britain are unpaid. However, should the internship last longer it is likely that the company would pay some wages. If an internship is paid for or not is always mentioned in its respective job specification on our website and is not negotiable.

How long does the placement process take?

Finding a suitable internship position usually takes around 2 months, depending on how fast you reply to our emails and how fast the company replies concerning application documents.

Who shall be contacted in case of questions or problems during the stay?

For any queries, questions or concerns, please contact us via the contact details on the website.

What shall I do if I do not get along well with my employer?

In case any problems should arise with your employer during your stay, please feel free to contact us and we will try to solve any misunderstandings as soon as possible.

The intern should contact us within the first two weeks of his or her placement if he or she is dissatisfied with the internship. If it is not possible to find a mutual solution between the intern and the employer, we will try to find a suitable internship with another employer.

Please note that in case the employer terminates the internship early because of unacceptable behaviour of the intern, there can be no claim for finding the intern a new traineeship.



Is there a service fee for accommodation?

The accommodation placement is provided by one of our partner agencies and we do not charge any fees or commissions. We only provide recommendations and introduce our interns, if desired, to the partner agency. The agency will manage any further steps concerning accommodation costs etc. in direct contact with the intern.

Do I have to bring towels and linen with me?

Towels as well as linen will be provided by the host family and will be changed on a regular basis. In the House Share linen and a regular cleaning service will be provided.

Is it possible to clean my laundry at the host family?

Normally the washing machine in a host family may be used once a week.

May I use the host family’s kitchen?

The use of the kitchen in a host family is allowed to a certain degree depending on the family and the board booked (e.g. Bed&Breakfast or Self-Catering).

Is it possible to use the Internet?

Normally the host families have a wireless Internet connection. Further information will be given by our partner agency which provides detailed information about the respective host family in advance. 

Is it possible to get pictures of the accommodation in advance?

Due to the versatile choice of host families and the fact that they are private households it is not possible to provide pictures of every accommodation, but there are pictures of the House Share available. 

How do I get from the airport to my accommodation?

It is possible to book a direct transfer from the airport to the host family or House Share. The price list will be provided by us. You also have the option to travel by a coach or train, depending on the airport.

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