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  • Minimum period:
    Financial support:
    Location: ,
    Minimum period: 3 months
    Financial support: Monthly Travel Card and Daily Lunch Allowance
    Location: London, United Kingdom
    Minimum period: 4 months
    Financial support: 300€ per month
    Location: Dublin, United Kingdom
    Minimum period: Minimum 4 to 8 weeks
    Financial support: Travelcards, free staff lunch Can offer local homestay / residence at reduced rate
    Location: London, United Kingdom
    Minimum period: Minimum 4 to 8 weeks
    Financial support: Free travelcards, free staff lunch, free excursions to outside London Local homestay accommodation at reduced rate
    Location: London, United Kingdom
    Minimum period: Minimum 4 to 8 weeks
    Financial support: Free travelcards, free staff lunch, free excursions to outside London Local homestay accommodation at reduced rate
    Location: London, United Kingdom
    Minimum period: 3 months
    Financial support: £200
    Location: Edinburgh, United Kingdom
    Minimum period: 2 months
    Financial support: travel expenses
    Location: London, United Kingdom
    Minimum period: 3 months
    Financial support: Meals on duty
    Location: London, United Kingdom
    Minimum period:
    Financial support:
    Location: London, United Kingdom


Make your dreams come true! Working and living in London!

With over 10 years experience in professional internship, trainee and job placement in the UK, we offer you broad range of exclusive partner companies in London. To make your stay in London complete, we also help you to book a suitable accommodation, or a language course in preparation.

In addition, we organize different events and connect you with other interns. Be part of our community and live to see a Lifetime - Experience, you will never forget.

Start your unforgettable time in London now!

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Your Feedback

  • Das Praktikum bei einer Zeitschrift hat definitiv meine Erwartungen gesprengt. Ich hätte mir nicht erwartet bei einer Arbeitgeberin zu landen, die mir als 2-Monats-Praktikantin so viel Verantwortung überträgt und spannende, wichtige Arbeiten an mich weitergibt. Aufgrund der kleinen Größe des Unternehmens werde ich hier in die Arbeitsprozesse eingebunden und bin unmittelbar bei der Organisation des ganzen Magazins dabei. Untertags arbeite ich an meinen eigenen Interviews und Artikeln; hin und wieder finden abends Veranstaltungen statt, welche ich gemeinsam mit meinem Team besuchen darf um erfolgreiche Professionals der Branche kennenzulernen. Soweit ein sehr spannendes Praktikum!
    Lena , Media , 2 months
  • "Nun habe ich schon fast vier Wochen in London verbracht und es ist wirklich eine unglaublich wertvolle und erfüllende Erfahrung. Im Theater zu arbeiten, mit Schauspielern die Mittagspause zu verbringen, hautnah bei den Proben dabei zu sein und seinen Teil dazu beizutragen ist sehr aufregend und spannend. Ein tolle Art sein Englisch zu verbessern und gleichzeitig Neues zu erleben. Kann ich jedem empfehlen!"
    Franzi , Art & Culture , 4 months
  • Even if it is strenuous, I enjoy my internship. My colleagues and my boss do not treat me as an intern but as one of them which allows me to learn a lot about my company and their tasks. Since it is a small company, my manager has a lot of time for supervising and supporting me which makes me feel welcomed.

    I get the chance to participate in all company activities like business events with partners or the Christmas Cruise to Italy. That is definitely more than I expected. I have the feeling that I gain a lot from my internship and have a lot of fun at it. Thank you very much again for the placement.

    Stefanie , Tourism , 4 months
  • My colleagues are very nice and the working atmosphere is more than relaxed.  Greg, who is responsible for me, is a great boss.  I was allowed to accompany him to two big movie premieres. There I interviewed famous people and enjoyed a great evening! :)

    The day to day work is quite tenacious, because my colleague and I have the responsibility for all German clients.  Basically I have the same work assignments every day, which makes it easy to learn and remember the tasks I am given.

    To summarise I can say that the everyday tasks I have to complete are not the most exciting, but events as the premieres breathe new life into and fun into the office. I do like my internship.

    Ayla , Marketing/ Digital/ PR , 2 months
  • I had a great start. During my first days I was undertaken a training and was able to join my associates at their work right after. Now I am a full member of staff in my company and a great support to my colleagues wherever needed.

    I am very satisfied with my internship. The tasks I am given are of high quality; that way I am able to learn a lot. The working atmosphere is more than pleasant – I enjoy going to work every day and can only recommend an internship in London to everyone!

    Luam , Accounting/ Finance , 6 months
  • In the beginning of my internship I had some time to familiarize myself within the company. My employer is currently responsible for the organisation of an exhibition and my primary function is to help him with that.

    By now I am allowed to attend meetings and therefore gain a very good insight into the planning and carrying out of events. My colleagues are very friendly and try to involve me as much as possible. All in all, I am more than pleased with my internship.

    Julia , Marketing/ Digital/ PR , 2 months

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